Step aboard a time travelling machine to see how the pace of technical change has increased and how the mobile ‘phone has made so many gadgets obsolete. Exhibits include computers, cameras, projectors, TVs, radios, tape recorders, adding machines, slide rules, fax machines, typewriters, telephones, walkie talkies, duplicators, early electronic games, obsolete media such as punch cards and cassettes, and toy gadgets.

The aim is to provide an entertaining stroll through what now seems like ancient history – the era of slide rules, mechanical typewriters, and clunky analogue devices. Curator, Stephen Wolstenholme says, ‘While we may laugh at the fact that anyone ever found this technology to be cutting-edge, we can’t discount its place in history as a forerunner of the technology we use today.

Visitors love to bash the keys of an old typewriter and young people are surprised to find that a film projector that they dated as 1930s was in fact from the 1970s!

Opening Times
Saturday, 12 September 10am–2pm – Blackburn College at the RATH building

Sunday, 13 September 11am–4pm – Blackburn Cathedral Garden